History of Kinglake Homestead

Originally the place was known as Yarra Brae Farm and run as a horse business for school camps and international tourists. Next owners ran this place as an accommodation and trail riding business, followed by an owner focusing on trail riding only.

Since taking over the business in 1999, the current owner has tried to create a balance of accommodation, horse activities and general recreation to make a holiday destination for people of all ages and from all walks of life.

The bush fire in 2009 interrupted the business for several years, and we are now in the Pheonix phase of rebirthing the business after the Black Saturday fire. In the past few years, the main strategy was hosting Wwoofers, who are volunteer workers to work in this place in exchange for food and accommodation. During this time, many burnt trees have been removed, burnt fences replaced and the gardens cleared of regrowth and replanted. Irrigation lines have been replaced and extended. Prior to the fire, the homestead housed a world class collection of Chinese medicinal plants which was burnt and is now slowly recovering.  

Many visitors and clients talk about experiences they had here decades before as children, and bring their own children back to experience the place again.

Future of Kinglake Homestead

From now we are returning to holiday destination format and will gradually renovate and modernise the facilities. To become a holiday destination that is very affordable for working families, large enough to facilitate big groups up to 25 people, and detailed enough for singles and couples. To add to the existing beautiful natural surroundings, we are commencing to develop a conservation sanctuary for Australian native animals, some endangered.